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      Browse our channels to find courses on-demand, or book your private session. You can also go to our

      Event page to see what live group classes are being offered this week. While you are here visiting the Sanctuary, stop by the Sanctuary Shop for one of a kind art work, jewelry, oils, crystals and so much more!









      Art & Music

      Unique Artwork - Interactive Live Art Classes 

      Creative Healing Courses and More

      When we take the time to play, we can unleash our inner creative spirit. In the Arts & Music channel, you will find new ways to creatively express yourself.  Check out the interactive live art classes and visit the shop to find one of a kind soul art. Also, don't miss out on our fun Auctions & Raffles.









      Mindful Expansion

      Contact Your Inner World

      Go within and explore the many types of healing modalities this channel offers. Deepening your Inner Bliss is an ever-evolving journey, one that involves going deep into understanding yourself, connecting with yourself, and, as a result, enriching your relationships with the external world. Meet instructors who are dedicated to their passions!

      They can provide you with inspiring tools to optimize

      your well-being!









      Earth Unity -Thriving Together

      Let's Honor and Love Our Mother Earth

      The Earth Unity channel connects us with valuable tools to embody an abundant and healthy reality.  Helping our planet thrive fosters deeper connections with the Self.  

      We can come together as ONE people creating anew,

      on land and online.  









      Inspired in Movement

      Express Your Own Flow

      Moving our bodies feels so good! Get up:  shake, wiggle and dance your way to joy!  On the Movement channel, you will find a variety of ways to move your body. Don't limit yourself to staying in your comfort zone; expand and build new skills to enhance your personal daily practice or exercise.










      Certifications & Trainings

      Advance Your Practice and Deepen Your Skills

       Certificate trainings are dedicated to your evolution as a teacher.  When you feel compelled to study your passion more deeply, you can offer this gift to humanity.  With this investment, you contribute to the long term improvement

      of the planet while also expanding your financial and personal independence!  











      Family & Relationships


      Explore This New Paradigm of Connection

      Enhance all types of connections, starting with your relationship to the Self.  Be empowered with conscious tools to build stronger, healthier, and more dynamic bonds with others.  Discover the power of learning to LOVE yourself, which can help you more deeply understand and align you to, not only to your environment, but life itself!

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