Earth Unity

Plant Medicine & Nutrition, Green Building, Community and Much More


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  • Unlock Your Sacred Light Body

    This is a deep experience of light language and movement that will open up new senses and improved connection to your body.  Gain elite light code transmissions and harmonizing frequencies.

  • Green Building


    Living in harmony with Earth.


    Deepen your understanding of sustainable building materials and techniques, alternative energy sources as well as tiny home living.

  • Sustainable Living

    Daily Care, Zero Waste Living, Minimalist Lifestyle


    Discover tips and tools to live your best life in harmony with our planet.

  • Plant Medicine

    Cooking - Herbs - Nutrition


    Are you ready to fall In love with food?  Food is nature’s medicine.  Find out how to use nutrition for deep healing and longevity.  This channel is filled with yummy ways to love your body and connect with your food.  Meet vegan chefs, nutritionists, herbalists and so many more plant educators.  Enjoy all types of classes, courses and on-demand education opportunities, all derived from nature's most bountiful gift. 

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