Mindful Expansion

Explore what is possible through expanding your mind, body and energy connection.





Donna Burton

Akashic Records Reading 

While sitting in the comfort of our own spaces, we discuss the issue at hand. I energetically connect with your energy field through your legal name and birth date. It’s your bar code that allows me in to your soul’s records.

Yuko Halda

DNA Reprogramming Process

An advanced conscious process for hacking the human system and creating real, powerful upgrades in your life. You receive incredibly fast results following a very simple process.

Tiya Keyze

Breath Activation

Quick breath session designed to give a boost of energy and optimize your perceptions, focus your mind for precise decision making. This is great if you just want a little boost mid day or a quick boost to start your day.



Soul Embody Reset

Live Your Best Life set in three 90 min blocks throughout the month. 



S.T.O.P. ~ S.L.O.W. ~A.L.I.G.N.



Chakra, Energy & You

The foundation of all life is energy.  Learn how to utilize this energy to experience optimum health and vitality through understanding the seven major chakras.  Colorful, fascinating and enlightening.  This course will enhance your life!

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