Conscious Relating

  Explore this new paradigm of connection with us!

Jamie Satori: Quantum Childbirth Preparation.

Powerhouse 4 hour childbirth preparation workshop that dives deep into how to traverse the landscape of labor for both the birthing parent and the partner. This workshop includes a mix of dynamic information, breathing and vocalizing, kinesthetic learning with a partner or birth attendant, meditation and intuitive journaling.

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Home School Mentor

Experience personalized homeschooling support. Here you will engage with a professional teacher who will provide you with effective tools and strategies to help you build a mindful and nourishing homeschool experience for your child.


Intentional Relating

Enjoy a dynamic courses that helps you improve all types of relationships. Gain tools and confidence to fully express yourself through connection.



Jamie Satori: Conscious Childbirth Series

This is a six week holistic childbirth education immersion for the consciously committed family/parent.  This course takes the parents-in-waiting through a labyrinth of wisdom that will inform, elevate, affirm and empower them

as they manifest their birth-by-design. 

Privacy Ensured

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